• New! Bulk Messaging
  • New! Template Merge Tags
  • Fix: New tags not appearing in tag list.


  • New! Contact Tags
  • New! Contact Filter on View All Page
  • New! Add Custom Fields to New Contact Form
  • Enhancement: Moved news from dashboard to user menu
  • Enhancement: Changed Contact Details page layout
  • Enhancement: Tweaks to View All page styling for a better mobile experience


  • New! Custom Fields
  • New! Export Contacts
  • Enhancement: Acorn spinners
  • Enhancement: Performance tweaks
  • Bugfix: New contacts should show at the top of the list when added


  • Bugfix: View All page was timing out if too many contacts
  • Bugfix: Import weren't working in some cases
  • Enhancement: Show company name is no first/last name
  • Enhancement: Allow input of blank first/last name


  • Enhancement: Share Sets now have unlimited columns!
  • New: Video Tutorials for each page
  • Enhancement: Simplified editing columns in view all contacts page


  • Fix: users with unverified accounts couldn't access different pages or log out
  • Fix: formatting issues on mobile in dashboard


  • Contact Squirrel launched!